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Read-Along Google Application


Google elementary school has introduced the students for a new application red (Read Along) … Google said that the application is experimental, as in India, ”speak“ in the name of the present time. This application aimed at children’s owns language through the English language to teach it. First, if this application only Hindi and English language were but now it’s in several languages is offered in.

All languages 

Google says that this soon in more languages including Pakistan will be on. This time the child is nine languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and Urdu, including through English learn can. Now this application of the 180 countries for the IS released.
This application helps the child from a game in reading can learn it.

This application spoken words, identify them by app written in words of striking and is linked to the mistakes pointed out makes. Google says that the Children record the sound analysis device in the same, is it on the server, not sent to.

England batsman Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen says cricket matches are not possible in the current situation in the presence of spectators, so players should get in the habit of playing on empty fields.

Due to the coronavirus, where all business life has been suspended and sports activities have also come to a halt, it is also being suggested to hold matches in empty stadiums.

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen

Says cricketers should get in the habit of playing in empty stadiums.

The fans are our biggest fans,” he said