Health can be defined as the capacity of a body to respond to new threats and sickness. This implies that health is a resource, rather than an end in itself, to help the role of a person in wider society.

Here the Healthyians will guide you about some Self-Checks to Test Your Health at Home. For good health, daily checkups are a good tip to become familiar with your body so that changes can be identified. Self-exams will help you become conscious of possible issues with your health. To test your health at home, here are some self-checks you can do.

Look for Signs of Skin Cancer:

Skin cancer is a serious issue in our body. If you feel that your skin burns under the skin, then it may be skin cancer. Make a periodic self-checking for skin cancer. To help you check your entire body, use a mirror, and look for moles that are changing over time.

Take the Stair Test:

Many people are dying daily due to heart disease and cancer. So this issue can be examined by a simple staircase examination. The stair test is a simple way to test your exercise capacity. Your exercise skill can help predict the health of your heart.

Listen to Your Heart Rate:

Listening to your heart rate, also called a pulse, will help you monitor your heart health. Listen and count how many times your heart beats within one minute to check your pulse. Sometimes, your pulse may be affected by such drugs. If your medicine could affect your heart rate, ask your pharmacist, or visit Healthyians.

Examine Your Skin and Nails:

Iron is important for your skin, hair, and nails to be healthy. The deficiency of iron is commonly found in women and is not typically severe. The brittle nails and yellow skin are the symptoms of low iron. If you found the signs of iron in your body, you have to consult with a doctor. How an iron deficiency can be treated is presented by Healthyians.

Self-Checks for Men:

Daily self-examination of the testicles allows men to become familiar with their bodies, making them more likely to spot testicular cancer early. Naturally, one testicle is larger than the other testicle.

However, if you find a difference in the size of the testicle, whether it becomes bigger or smaller, consult with doctors. Healthyians provide more information and guidelines for self-examination.

Self-Checks for Women:

Nowadays, breast cancer is a serious disease that is happening in women. Some women do not know the signs of breast cancer. To detect any changes that may be a sign of breast cancer, women need to perform periodic breast self-exams. If you feel any changes to the nipples or unusual discharges, have to go to your doctors.


Self-examinations can help you spot possible issues early, so an official medical diagnosis is not a replacement. Contact your doctor or visit Healthyians if you look at any changes in your body.

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