Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach

Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach


The purpose of Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach is to treat the person, not the symptoms. A comprehensive history is collected during that period with regard not only to current issues but also to past problems. The patient will leave with a comprehensive treatment plan that could include lab testing guidelines, improvements in diet, and guidelines for supplements.

Benedict Lust first popularized Naturopathic Medicine in the late 1800s. Lust was a German doctor who became ill and engaged in various natural remedies such as hydrotherapy, homoeopathy and herbal medicine. Such techniques would later become the basis on which he developed Western Naturopathy that uses nature-related approaches, such as those that use air, water, herbs, etc.

So here we also talk about the Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach that take care of the patients and discover and resolve the issues in their bodies.

Theresa Collier, ND:

Dr Collier is a Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach, Who sees and treats patients of all ages and conditions. She has a particular interest in Lyme disease and cancer and uses diet and lifestyle therapy, botanical medicine, homoeopathy, massage, and craniofacial dietary supplements. At the CTCA, she was able to observe first-hand naturopathic doctors working together to support cancer patients to keep the patient as safe as possible while undergoing traditional medicine with natural medicine.

Phydos Clinic

Naturopath, ND, Lac

He is also a Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach. He specializes in the use of integrated and naturopathic medicine to resolve particular problems, as well as in improving general health and helps people of all ages achieve their best well-being ever. He is working with clients to develop a treatment plan that can help create a foundation for healthy health, in addition to relieving symptoms and restoring optimal functioning at all levels. He specializes in Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Headaches and Women’s Health and charges Cost $80 to $150 per Session.

Here are following some principles that should be followed by Naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach to take care of patients:


It is nature that drives our phase of healing, which creates, maintains, and restores health. The role of a naturopathic doctor Virginia Beach is to assist, facilitate and strengthen the healing process by identifying and removing any obstacles that prevent the body’s ability to heal by enhancing both the internal and the external environment.


Illness does not mean a collection of signs and symptoms of a disease. They become a reason to breakdown the body health. Some doctors remove or reduce the symptoms, but a naturopathic doctor must become a medical detective and identify the root cause of disease. Naturopathic doctor at Virginia Beach uses multiple therapies to determine the causes of disease, such as diagnostic methods and diagnostics in functional medicine.


Naturopathic doctor at Virginia Beach believes that Wellness is not only a physical experience but the result of a spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical framework that is complex. Naturopathic doctor at Virginia Beach aims to put the body, mind, and spirit into complete harmony.

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