We always talk about the importance of protecting your skin from environmental factors, and I’m always slathering on my SPF but turns out… it’s so much more! I just recently learned that only 25% of your aging process is predetermined by nature the other 75% is environmental! Here are some habits to start (and stop!) for better skin.

1. Start with Sleep

We always hear about the importance of sleep for your mental, physical, and emotional health but it doesn’t end there. Your body removes dead blood cells and toxins while you’re asleep, so not getting enough zzz’s can take a toll on your skin. It also decreases your skin’s moisture levels and pH level, so every hour of sleep matters!

2. Get picky about your pillowcase

While we’re on the subject, pillowcases are prone to get overlooked but they make a big difference! Make sure to wash your pillowcase a couple times a week. I also swear by silk pillowcases – great for skincare and hair!

3. Be religious about your skincare regimen

It’s honestly like getting ready for the day. I always feel better and more confident when I do it. I love trying new products, but there are some products that you will learn to always repurchase when you finish off the bottle.It’s their nightly serum that supports your skin’s natural repair and it’s more effective than ever.  The best results always come over time, but my skin looked radiant overnight. It also locks in moisture for 72 hours.

4. Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Like pillowcases, your makeup brushes can accumulate oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells which can cause break outs. Clean them at least once a week to avoid it – your makeup will thank you!

5. Bluetooth or bust

When you think about how attached we are to our phones (and how they follow us everywhere), it should come as no surprise that they are covered in bacteria. Keep that screen as far away from your face as possible! Stick to your headphones and speaker phone when you can.

6. Hands off

One of the biggest habits worth breaking is touching your face. You don’t realize how often you touch your face until you start keeping count. Try to keep a tally throughout your day and you will start to catch yourself doing it and be able to break the habit.

7. Watching what you eat.

Your diet and nutrition make a huge impact on your skin so start from the inside out! Pay attention to which foods trigger breakouts. You might have food sensitivities you aren’t aware of. Make sure you are trying to incorporate anti-aging foods like blueberries, broccoli, avocado, spinach, and nuts. (Also we all know it but don’t forget to drink lots of water too!)

The list for habits for better skin could go on forever but these are some of the easiest to start with! Let me know in comments if you guys have any other skin swaps that have helped you with your skin.

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